Cloud Fax is in production

First telco implementation of Cloud Fax

After couple of successful projects and deployments in one telco operator in Croatia, we expanded our ongoing partnership with a new project. Today, a new cloud faxing solution is in production on Iskon.CloudFax.

System is running in a core network, connected to the Cirpack Softswitch for SIP signaling and media. Provisioning is fully integrated with API.

Beside using modern web interface, end users have email to fax and fax to email forwarding capabilities. Self managing the pool of fax numbers, configuration, email addresses, sub-users... is done with clean and simple user interface.

For more information on a product, please contact us.

Cloudfax web

Customers can control and use Cloudfax with email and web

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Contacts Management

Your contact list, single contacts and groups. Contacts are shared for all numbers and users in your organizations.

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Sending from web

Send a document to one or multiple recipients. Schedule sending for later delivery. Include cover and edit a cover message. 

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Sent faxes

Keep all your sent and received fax documents on cloud. Browse delivery reports.

Customer support

To help your customers Cloudfax has a customer support module

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Customer support Client Accounts

Use Customer Support view for your helpdesk. View all customer sub-account emails and settings.

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Customer support Account Information

View provisioned customer account settings and current status.

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Customer support Log Viewer

Explore Log files.